Getting our business on track:

"We bought an existing business and we had been running it for about a year.  We knew it could be producing a better income but we didn't know where to start to improve things.  

Working with David, we developed and implemented a strategic plan that increased our income and helped us to focus on the things that have kept the business growing."

                                                                                                                                Glyn and Michelle

Taking advantage of new opportunities:

"After working with David to establish our vision for the future, we knew the business had to grow and produce more income.  Now, a year on, we have doubled our staff and opened another branch to take advantage of new opportunities.  

Looking back to where we were a year ago we would never had imagined how far we have come in that time, especially being a finalist in the Emerging Business category of the Regional Business Awards.  We continue working with David as our mentor as we plan further growth for the future."

                                                                                                                                      Matt and Esther

Creating Income and time:

"When I started my business I tried to do everything myself.  I thought I could save money by doing so.  After a while I realised that I was working all the time for hardly any income and my dream work-life balance that I created the business for was nowhere to be found ......

My brain was buzzing all the time with never ending to-do lists, worries and decisions to make. I skipped sleeps and meals and the business was still not making any profits."  


That's when I met David and signed up for his Business Growth Program.  You know what?  It works.  The past year our business went through significant growth and I also had a lot more time for my family (and even for myself).  There are new challenges week after week, but I can always draw on David's expertise and our regular meetings keep me on track.  I always have a clear action plan that saves my sanity and surprise, surprise:  our business is making a profit.  


David's personality and knowledge became a great asset to our company and I highly recommend for you to contact him as soon as possible.  He'll make it work for you.  


Getting the start-up right as a platform for growth:

"We worked with David when our business was in its start-up phase.  He helped us to get the basics right so that when things began to take off there were no surprises - it was all in our plan and we knew exactly what was going on and how to steer things in the right direction.  

We still call on David's advice from time to time when we need an outside opinion on something."

                                                                                                                                 Kyle and Lisa

Listening and advising:

"David has offered me advice for a year.  

He is a keen listener and his advice has been pertinent and useful and has improved the flow of my business."