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David will work directly with you to firstly establish your vision for your business and the lifestyle you want from it.  He will help you to examine every aspect of your business, identify the areas which can be improved and create a Business Growth Plan to suit your needs.  The Business Growth Plan is not  a "one-size -fits-all" - it is unique and created especially to build on the strengths of your business and to overcome any weaknesses.



The Business Growth Plan has proven to be so successful that David offers a full, 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the results you get.

David is an experienced speaker with a style that engages the audience.  Whether you need a seminar for five people or a keynote speaker for five hundred, he will deliver a session which is tailor-made for your needs.  


All attendees will get ideas that they can put into action in their businesses.  


When working with smaller groups, David works interactively with participants, encouraging them to share their problems and experiences so that they can get maximum value from the session.  

As one recent participant said "I love your delivery style David".  

  • Developing your vision
  • Helping you to set objectives
  • Creating workable strategies
  • Implementing strategic plans
  • On-going mentoring 
  • Delivering business seminars
  • Creating better lifestyles

Once their Business Growth Plan is in place and implementation has begun, many business owners like to have regular mentoring sessions to make sure that they stay on track and get the best possible results from their business.  There is huge value to be obtained from having an independent business advisor providing assistance, guidance and a reality check on business decisions.  


David is an experienced mentor and those who have worked with him have appreciated his knowledge and his ability to get to the cause of any problems.  Many clients have commented on how easy it is to work with him and to keep on improving their business results.  

Keeping on Track
 Results are guaranteed!